Should You Buy All CBD Products Out There?

Are you feeling like you want #allthecbd yet simultaneously overwhelmed by the sheer number of CBD oil product options available? If so, you’re not alone. The CBD industry is booming, showing up in everything from treats and beverages to skincare products and pet products. But which products are useful, and which are just gimmicks? Do you actually need CBD products or are you better off just taking pure CBD oil? These tips will shed some light on the truth about CBD products.

Are All CBD Products the Same? What Should You Buy?

What is CBD and How Does It Work?

Let’s first take a peek at what CBD actually is and how it works, and this will help create a foundation of understanding so you can make educated choices about which products are best suited for you. CBD is an abbreviation of Cannabidiol, a molecule extracted from industrial hemp. Though it comes from the cannabis sativa plant, CBD differs from marijuana in that CBD contains only very small amounts of THC (<0.3%), and is therefore non-intoxicating.

CBD works in conjunction with your body’s natural ECS (Endocannabinoid System) to help the body maintain a state of internal balance, regardless of what’s going on externally. CBD contains an abundance of cannabinoids, it helps the ECS to function more effectively when something breaks down in the ECS.

What Kinds of CBD Products Are Out There?

At the time of this writing, here are some of the products on the market that contain CBD:

  • CBD oil and tinctures
  • CBD isolate powder
  • Capsules and softgels
  • Bath bombs
  • Skincare products
  • Salves, balms, and lotions
  • Treats, snacks, baked goods, and edibles
  • Foods and beverages
  • Pet treats
  • Vape supplies

Which CBD Products Should You Buy?

Unfortunately, the industry is currently “buyer beware” because the legalization of CBD happened so quickly at a federal level that the corresponding regulation simply doesn’t yet exist. Here’s what that means for consumers:

  • Except for a few state-issued regulations, there are no standards for CBD packaging, which means you don’t always know how much CBD you’re getting in any specific product
  • Likewise, there are no standards in place for CBD testing, growth, or manufacturing, which means (in many cases) you don’t know how your CBD was grown, harvested, extracted, or what else might be in it.

As of this point, there’s only the vaguest guideline in place for CBD marketing, which states that CBD companies are not allowed to make claims about what CBD can cure or medically treat (similar to the disclaimer that’s found on all vitamins and supplements). Despite this, you can pop online to find countless CBD companies falsely claiming that CBD can solve any health problem, including curing cancer!

So which CBD products should you buy? The short answer is: only buy what you have time and energy to fully research first. An easier solution may be to simply choose a pure, organic, full spectrum CBD oil and make whatever other products you need. Pure CBD oil can easily be added to your favorite lotion, salve, skincare product, beverage, etc. Here’s a link to make your own CBD bath bombs.

Ready to Buy CBD Oil?

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