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Ready for a CBD Bath Bomb?

CBD bath bombs to use at home

It’s no secret that bath bombs have exploded (excuse the pun) over the last couple of years and now you can even find CBD bath bombs for sale. But your excitement may fizzle when you realize a single CBD bath bomb can cost you $12 to 15 or more, which can add up quickly if you enjoy these often. Plus, how do you know what’s really in a CBD bath bomb, and how much CBD you’re getting? Luckily, it’s inexpensive and easy to make your own CBD bath bombs to enjoy any time you like (or give as gifts), plus you get the added benefit of choosing to add the scents and colors that are most pleasing to you.

Why Use a CBD Bath Bomb?

Self-care has become the buzzword of the year, and nothing is as affordably indulgent as a long, hot, fizzy soak in your own bathtub. In our busy rush-and-bustle world, more and more people are taking time to slow their pace with a soothing and steamy bath. Steam can refresh your skin and you’re your sinuses, while the hot water benefits circulation and sore joints and fascia. Plus, bath bombs are just good fun! Who didn’t love splashing around in a bubble bath as a kid? These colorful, effervescent shapes delight the senses as they spin and froth and release all their wonderful scents and hidden treasures.

Why Put CBD in a Bath Bomb?

CBD oil bath bombCBD oil is an ideal companion to a soothing bath. As far as how to enjoy a CBD bath bomb, nothing could be easier. Just run the tap to your desired temperature and depth, ease in and relax, and drop in a CBD bath bomb. Settle in and soak for at least a half-hour, for maximum absorption benefit.

What Kind of Materials Do You Need?

To make your own CBD bath bombs, you just need a few supplies and ingredients. Besides a couple of bowls, measuring tools, and a spoon or wooden spatula for mixing (or your hands), you’ll also need a set of bath bomb molds. These are readily available at craft stores and on Amazon, and while the sphere is the most common choice, there are many other shapes you can find. You can get a whole set of spherical molds for about $7 on Amazon.

Additionally, you’ll need your fizzing elements, such as baking soda and citric acid, and your bath bomb elements like corn starch, salt, and witch hazel (or water). Then, of course, you’ll want your therapeutic ingredients, such as NuLeaf Naturals pure, full spectrum CBD oil and whatever skin-friendly essential oils you prefer. It’s a good idea to also have carrier oil on hand (such as coconut oil, grapeseed oil, hemp oil, sweet almond oil, or even olive oil), especially if you’re using a smaller amount of CBD oil.

How to Make a CBD Bath Bomb

You’ll find tons of bath bomb recipes online, and it’s easy to alter the recipe to include CBD oil from NuLeaf Naturals. Here are two bath bomb recipes we like. In either recipe, you’ll simply substitute CBD oil for some of the oil in the recipe. How much CBD should you use? That depends on your personal preferences for dosing. Most bath bomb recipes call for about two tablespoons of oil, so you can use up to this much in your bath bomb recipe. Since the recipe makes several bath bombs (the exact number will depend on the size of the mold you’re using), this is a very affordable way to treat yourself to a CBD bath bomb any time you like. Click here to buy CBD oil from NuLeaf Naturals now.