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CBD Gifts for Dad: Father’s Day 2022 Gift Guide

With all of CBD’s promising health benefits, it’s no wonder CBD products have surged in popularity over the last few years. Not only are CBD products a huge hit with anyone looking to improve their well-being naturally — they make for great gifts, too. 

With Father’s Day approaching, we’ve made a list of the most popular CBD gifts for dad at NuLeaf — as well as other cherished cannabinoid supplements. So if you’re not sure what to get Dad yet this year, make sure you check out these Father’s Day gift ideas.

Father’s Day 2022: The Best CBD Gifts for Dad (Plus Our Favorite Minor Cannabinoids)

For Dads Who Need Pain Relief: CBG Oil

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a type of cannabinoid with a number of therapeutic properties including analgesic (painkilling) and anti-inflammatory qualities. This makes it a promising candidate for treating a number of conditions, including pain relief. Our customers report that our CBG oil is particularly effective at relieving pain for neuropathic conditions — which include shingles, facial nerve problems, diabetes, central nervous system disorders such as stroke or Parkinson’s, and more.

Has Dad been down in the dumps lately? In addition to pain relief, our CBG customers also report a boost in mood when using this supplement. This may have to do with CBG’s ability to act as a GABA reuptake inhibitor, a neurotransmitter which produces a calming effect.

Like all our products, our CBG oil is full spectrum and made from organic hemp oil. Our CBG capsules contain 15 mg of CBG each for easy, on-the-go dosing.

For Insomniac Dads: CBN Oil

Give the gift of CBN oil to your favorite wired yet tired dad. Cannabinol (CBN) is a cannabinoid that’s rapidly gaining popularity as a sleep aid. Those who consume CBN report this compound boasts sedating properties that help them relax at the end of a long day and get a good night’s rest. 

We recommend starting with a dose of 15 mg (5 drops) taken sublingually (under the tongue) right before bed. Not keen on the sublingual route? Opt for our full spectrum CBN softgels instead.

For Dad’s Arthritis: CBD Balm

Give Dad the gift of arthritis relief with the help of our full spectrum CBD balm. Our unscented CBD balm absorbs fast to relieve discomfort quickly, making it a top pick for anyone with an arthritis flare-up. It’s also made with only two simple ingredients, organic shea butter and highly concentrated full spectrum hemp extract, for an all-natural, hypoallergenic formula. 

For Forgetful Dads: CBC Oil

It’s easy to lose track of things in today’s distraction-filled world — like one’s own thoughts. Keep Dad on track with cannabichromene (CBC), a minor cannabinoid known for its cognitive benefits.

Research shows that CBC has a positive effect on neural stem progenitor cells (NSPCs), a type of cell necessary for healthy brain function. Additionally, CBC has also been shown to demonstrate painkilling (analgesic) properties. Customers that use our CBC oil report better focus, motivation, and cognitive function, among other benefits.

Gift Pop our full spectrum CBC oil or 15 mg full spectrum CBC softgels for peak performance.

For Worry Wort Dads: CBD Oil

Does Dad worry all the time or suffer from anxiety issues? Calm his mind with our full spectrum CBD oil, our most popular product.

CBD is popularly touted for its anti-anxiety effects, which may be attributed to its ability to boost serotonin levels naturally. 

Other benefits that have helped skyrocket CBD’s popularity include its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. In addition to its anti-anxiety properties, customers love our flagship full spectrum CBD oil for its ability to provide relief from inflammatory pain and aid with sleep. 

Unlike conventional CBD products on the market, our CBD oil is a whole-plant extract that contains the full spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis plants. When ingested together these compounds have been shown to work synergistically for maximum healing power.

Craving capsules instead? Enjoy our plant based 15 mg full spectrum CBD oil capsules.


For Dads Who Want to Supercharge Their CBD Benefits: Multicannabinoid Oil

Is Dad already a CBD fan? Encourage him to take his wellness goals to the next level with our multicannabinoid oil. Our full spectrum multicannabinoid oil contains a mixture of CBD along with other cannabinoids such as CBC, CBG, and CBN. The result? A potent therapeutic boost perfect for recharging dad’s endocannabinoid system. Customers who use our multicannabinoid oil report a number of benefits including improved moods, reduced anxiety and depression, pain relief, and better sleep.

Looking for an on-the-go option? Our multicannabinoid oil is also available in 15 mg softgels.

Dad Deserves Only the Best CBD Products

Dad deserves only the finest CBD in the land. And since the cannabinoid market is currently unregulated by the FDA, it’s up to you to ensure he’s getting the safest, purest CBD available. 

Every blend at NuLeaf Naturals is sourced with care using eco-friendly methods such as CO2 extraction to ensure the full range of cannabinoids, essential oils, terpenes, and other beneficial phytonutrients are present in every product. Shop now for wellness-boosting Father’s Day gifts that Dad will be sure to love.


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