CBD in the Golf Realm

CBD oil for golfing recovery

As the population of the U.S. ages, the demands of maintaining physical health and a high mental capacity will likely increase too. This is especially true for those individuals who are already leading active lives between work and recreational activities and those who wish to remain active well into their retirement years.

It is not uncommon then for people to seek out natural remedies and start taking supplements as part of a regular routine to maintain in an effort to improve their health and prevent chronic conditions from worsening. The decision to take supplements should not be made lightly, however, as each supplement has its potential risks to go along with its benefits.4

Does CBD for Golfing Really Make a Difference?

Considering to take cannabidiol, or CBD, is no different. This substance has been trending in one of the fastest growing industries to come to the golf market in recent history, like multivitamins and protein powders in years past. That is because CBD has been purported to help individuals with a wide variety of ailments, ranging from pain, inflammation, anxiety, and more.5 And because these are some of the exact conditions golf players have to deal with both on and off the golf course, it is no wonder that CBD products have started to become more widely used among all players at all skill levels.1,2

CBD is a natural chemical compound extracted from cannabis plants like hemp. These compounds have tremendous potential in their healing properties without the psychoactive, intoxicating effects of the similar but separate tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which produces a marijuana high in users.5 This means CBD is not associated with the potential risk of abuse. CBD itself is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile, and has recently become more widely available to the public as a natural, alternative remedy to more traditional medicines as a result.

People can respond to the compound differently though, as with any other kind of medicine. This is because there is still a lot to be determined regarding how this compound works and its long-term effects at the biological level. Clinical research is taking place to determine the mechanisms by which CBD affects people, but there are no definitive answers as yet for many of the claimed benefits being made about this compound. For example, there is no research to fully support CBD as an effective anti-anxiety treatment option, yet there are high profile golf players who report that taking CBD has helped reduce their stress level during play.

What to Know About Taking CBD for Golfing Recovery

Speak with a Licensed Health Care Provider

It starts with a candid conversation with a doctor about one’s personal health goals and medical history. This should include sharing all the supplements one is currently taking. This consultation gives providers a chance to educate their patients with regards to possible harmful drug interactions and health complications. This is especially important as there is always risk to taking any supplement, CBD included.

Research Companies for Quality

If CBD appears to be a viable option, then thorough research should be performed next to decide what CBD supplement to take. CBD is already being sold and marketed as an all-natural supplement, but there is very poor regulation at the government level regarding product quality and labeling. As a result, some companies have been found to make claims about their products without supporting evidence.3 Finding products that have been tested by accredited third-party laboratories and whose reports are available to the public can be a good indicator of a more reputable company that understands the value of consumer safety.

Investigate for the Most Benefit to Meet One’s Needs

Next comes personal testing to find the optimal dosage and application. In terms of dosage, it is typically best to start low and wait for the supplement to take its full effect before increasing the amount being taken. A little bit of trial and error is required then, and not meant for individuals looking for an immediate, quick fix to their problems. This experimentation will allow a player to see how they personally respond to a particular brand, dose, and application of CBD and its effectiveness in addressing their ailment.

A player’s condition will help indicate the type of CBD to use. In addition to physical stretches and exercises, topical creams and lotions are probably best suited to address sore or stiff muscles. Edibles and sublingual forms of CBD help make the compound more available throughout the body and could probably be more suited to addressing anxiety or sleep problems that can come from more professional play.

CBD is a natural remedy that can potentially help a lot of people without the side effects that prescription or traditional medicines have. With its potential to relieve many of the physical and mental ailments that occur with play, golfers are finding CBD as a good fit to allow for more enjoyment of the game.

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