Best CBD Products for Moms: 2022 Guide to Mother’s Day Gifts

Best CBD Products for Moms: Guide to Mother’s Day Gifts

With their wide range of health benefits, CBD products are taking the world by storm. They also make for great gifts. If you’re looking for Mother’s Day gifts this year, keep reading for our guide to the best CBD products along with our favorite minor cannabinoid products (which boast mom-approved therapeutic properties of their own).

For Moms with Aches & Pains: CBD Balm or CBG



Know of a mom in need of pain relief? She’ll love our fast-absorbing CBD balm made with two simple ingredients, organic shea butter and highly concentrated, full spectrum hemp extract. Simply apply our unscented CBD balm to the affected area to help relieve discomfort.







Shown to exert analgesic (painkilling) and anti-inflammatory properties, CBG is another great option for relieving pain. Like all our products, our CBG oil is full spectrum and made from organic hemp oil. Common benefits reported in customer reviews include pain relief — especially for neuropathic conditions — as well as a boost in mood. Our CBG capsules contain 15 mg of CBG each for easy, on-the-go dosing.

For Moms Who Need Better Sleep: CBN

Gift CBN oil to the mom you know who could use a few extra ZZZZ’s in her life. 

Cannabinol (CBN) is a cannabinoid that’s popularly touted for its ability to help with sleep. Many CBN users report that this compound offers sedating properties that allow them to relax at the end of a long day and get a good night’s rest.


Each bottle of our CBN oil is CO2 extracted and full spectrum, which means mom will be getting the maximum therapeutic benefits from all compounds in the hemp plant without the use of harsh chemicals, ensuring a potent and pure blend. We suggest a starting dose of 15 mg (5 drops) taken sublingually before bed. Alternatively, moms who prefer capsules can enjoy our full spectrum CBN softgels.


For Moms Who Need a General Health Boost: MulticannabinoidTM


Health-conscious moms will rejoice to discover our full spectrum Multicannabinoid oil, great for a general wellness boost. Each bottle contains four different types of cannabinoids — CBD, CBC, CBG, and CBN — delivering the maximum therapeutic boost to supercharge Mom’s endocannabinoid system. Mood improvement, reduced anxiety and depression, pain relief, and better sleep are some of the most common benefits reported by our customers. 

Our Multicannabinoid oil is also available in 15 mg softgels.


For Moms Who Want to Focus Better: CBC

In today’s distraction-filled world, you likely know a mom who could use a concentration boost. While relatively newer to the hemp wellness world, Cannabichromene (CBC) already shows a good deal of therapeutic promise in this respect.

Studies show CBC exerts a positive effect on neural stem progenitor cells (NSPCs), a type of cell vital to healthy brain functioning. CBC has also been shown to possess analgesic properties. Our CBC oil customers report better focus, motivation, and cognitive function, in addition to other benefits.

Give Mom our full spectrum CBC oil or 15 mg full spectrum CBC softgels.


For Anxious Mamas: CBD

Help Mom relax and unwind with our most popular product: full spectrum CBD oil. 

cbd-family-on-wood-stumpCBD has been shown to demonstrate a large number of health-promoting benefits. One of its most popular uses is to reduce anxiety with its anxiolytic properties.

In addition to its anxiety-reducing benefits, our flagship full spectrum CBD oil is beloved by customers for its ability to improve sleep and provide relief from inflammatory pain. Unlike other products on the market, our CBD oil is a whole-plant extract containing a full spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes that work synergistically for maximum healing power.

Moms who are keen on capsules can also enjoy our 15 mg softgels, which are 100% plant-based and made with organic hemp seed oil.



Give Mom Only the Best CBD Products

It’s been said that in life you get what you pay for. When it comes to the cannabinoid market, which is currently unregulated by the FDA, this is especially true. 

At NuLeaf Naturals, every blend is sourced with care using eco-friendly methods such as CO2 extraction to ensure a full range of cannabinoids, essential oils, terpenes, and other beneficial phytonutrients. So you can feel confident you’re giving Mom only the safest, highest-quality cannabinoid products in their purest and most potent forms. 

Shop now for wellness-promoting Mother’s Day gifts that Mom will be sure to love this year.


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