CBD Oil for Depression: Can It Help?

CBD oil for depression

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, dozens of clinical trials are currently underway in the U.S. and abroad to assess the potential medical benefits of CBD for conditions such as anxiety, PTSD, pain, alcohol addiction, and more. The association recommends that individuals looking to use CBD oil for depression and anxiety seek out scientific evidence to support claims. This recent article published by the Mayo Clinic offers a large variety of resources.

CBD Oil for Depression: What You Need to Know

What is CBD and Why Does It Work?

Can CBD oil for depression helpCBD means Cannabidiol, a compound of the cannabis plant, which has many beneficial properties for humans and animals. CBD oil is a natural extract that works in support of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), a complex cell communication system that works to continuously maintain a sense of order and equilibrium within the body.

Scientists and researchers are continuing to study the potential healing benefits of CBD on the body. According to a 2014 medical review involving fourteen scientific studies, CBD is a safe, useful, and versatile treatment that doesn’t adversely affect cognitive functioning or mobility. The study found that CBD has effective antidepressant qualities, modulating anxiety and reducing stress.

A 2009 study published in Frontiers in Immunology concluded that CBD clearly shows anxiolytic, antiepileptic, and antipsychotic properties. Numerous other studies have confirmed CBD’s antidepressant potential, as well as its efficacy in possibly treating panic disorder, a condition which affects nearly five percent of people worldwide. Studies also concur that CBD appears to be non-habit forming and generally safe for use among adults. CBD is currently being studied for its potential in reducing cravings for individuals demonstrating abuse and/or misuse of opioids.

Ongoing CBD Research

A current study by the University of San Paulo is investigating the effect of CBD on serotonin levels in the brain and how this relates to CBD’s effect as an antidepressant. Serotonin is sometimes referred to as “the happy hormone” because of its known effect on mood and well being.

Serotonin is also credited with influencing appetite, emotions, constriction of smooth muscles, sleep cycles, and cognitive and motor functions. Researchers and medical professionals continue to study depression, as there is a great deal that remains unknown about this condition.

According to Medical News Today, depression affects women more commonly than men, and could be caused by anything from genetics to biology to environment to psychosocial factors, or any combination thereof.

How to Use CBD Oil for Depression

If you’re ready to try NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil for depression or anxiety, check with your physician first, especially if you’re currently taking any prescription medication. It is generally recommended to start with a smaller dose of CBD and adjust up as you monitor your results.

CBD oil can be taken orally or sublingually (under the tongue). For more information, why not speak to one of our expert team members? Friendly, knowledgeable staff are ready to take your call at 720-372-4842, seven days a week from 9 AM until 5 PM U.S. Mountain time.

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