CBD Due Diligence: How to Buy CBD Oil

CBD due diligence

Here’s How to Buy CBD Oil Online

Buying CBD oil onlineYou can find CBD most anywhere, from gas stations to natural grocers and spas, and from stores providing pool supplies or pet supplies or vitamins and supplements. You might be wondering whether it makes more sense to purchase your CBD online or in a store.

  • Buying online allows you to do due diligence in checking out CBD manufacturers for best practices, purity, safety, and potency.
  • Some states and municipalities have specific laws and ordinances regarding CBD.
  • Online buying offers convenience and ease, with delivery straight to your doorstep.

Choosing a Manufacturer

When choosing which CBD oil manufacturer to use, be sure to read up on their website as you consider the following:

  • Green, sustainable practices: Does the company use good manufacturing practices that are earth-friendly?
  • Extraction methods: Does the company use the highest quality cutting-edge extraction methods, ensuring a superior finished product?
  • Reputation: Does the company take care of its customers and practice business responsibly?
  • Longevity: Is this a brand new company that may be just jumping in the CBD rising trend, or are they established in the industry with years, experience, and accolades?
  • Customer service: Does this company stand behind its product?
  • Full spectrum vs. isolate: Does this company offer a full spectrum product or simply a powdered isolate?
  • Cost vs. value: Don’t be fooled by shopping on price alone; choose a quality product that offers excellent value.
  • Format (tinctures, soft gels, salves, lotions, etc.): Does this company offer the delivery method you’re seeking?
  • Third-party lab-verified testing: Does this company share their most current lab testing results?

Buying CBD Oil Online

Consider the following when you are buying CBD oil online:

  • How would you like to take CBD? CBD can be administered orally (soft gels, tincture, capsules, etc.), sublingually (under the tongue in liquid form), or topically (salves, lotions, etc.).
  • What are you using CBD to treat? This can also impact how much CBD you’ll want to take as well as how you apply CBD.

Check out this article on five things you should know before buying CBD online. You might also be surprised to learn you can’t buy pure CBD on Amazon due to the company’s strict internal policies. Read more about CBD oil and Amazon here.

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