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What to Expect as CBD Oil Rolls Out to Grocery Stores

CBD in grocery stores

Research and regulations continue to catch up with consumer demand for one of the latest “unicorns” of the health and wellness space, but CBD’s store presence is undeniable for much of the country these days.

Consumers ingest CBD oil in a variety of ways, from smoking flower and vaping extracts to edibles and beverages. While smoking products may remain in CBD and cannabis retailers, CBD edibles have and will continue to appear on grocery stores shelves. National grocery chains like Kroger have already begun carrying these products in stores across the country.

While the 2018 Farm Bill did legalize hemp for agricultural production, the law did not specifically legalize the usage of CBD in edible products. This has caused some states, like Washington, to outlaw these products until regulations regarding edible CBD-infused products to pass into law.

3 Tips for Buying CBD Oil in Grocery Stores

Here are a few points to keep in mind as CBD products begin to enter and expand their shelf space at a grocery store or big-box superstore near you.

Check Product Labels Carefully for Ingredients and Amount of CBD in the Product

What to expect from CBD oil in grocery storesWhether you decide to purchase your CBD oil in a grocery store, smoke shop, or online, it is always important to check the label and trust the brand you are purchasing. As regulators work to finalize safe guidelines for production, distribution, and marketing of CBD products, consumers must take this responsibility into their own hands.

Because CBD isn’t toxic to the vast majority of users, this mindfulness is more about finding an effective product that delivers the health benefits you seek. Some products do not contain the amount of CBD they claim or any at all. Research products beforehand, or ask for advice from a knowledgeable employee who can help you find the CBD oil or other products you want.

Grocers Themselves Are Hopping on the CBD Oil Trend

Much of the CBD products available on the market today comes from dedicated CBD, hemp, and cannabis product manufacturers. But retailers themselves are considering not only carrying CBD products but contracting to produce the products themselves.

As with other products sold in their stores, grocery retailers may sell their own store brand products, also known as private label brands. CBD products appear to be no different in terms of opportunities for grocery retailers to expand into a new fast-growing niche of edible health and wellness products.

CBD Products in Grocery Stores Could Mean Lower Prices Across the Board

The prices on store brand products tend to be at least slightly less than big-name brands and other products retailers may carry. Private label CBD products, therefore, could mean more price competition and pressure on CBD producers to lower their own products.

As CBD products become more accessible for consumers and producers, and an awareness of CBD continues to spread, these products are likely to become less expensive to make and market. Particularly as more store brands and other low-cost producers enter the market, this industry expansion is likely to pressure manufacturers and retailers as a whole to reduce their prices and remain competitive.

Now is an exciting time for CBD consumers and producers as regulators and retailers continue to shift toward a more general acceptance of CBD and other cannabis and hemp-derived products.