CBD Oil for Dogs

Is CBD oil for dogs safe?

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, Americans own nearly seventy million dogs, collectively. More than one out of three households have a dog, so it’s no wonder the recent CBD oil rise in interest has extended to include the health and well-being of furry friends. CBD oil, or cannabidiol, is a natural supplement that many pet owners are finding to be useful for their dogs for a number of issues.

Is CBD Oil for Dogs Safe for Them to Use?

Dogs have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that operates much like that of a human’s, so it stands to reason that dogs can also gain benefit from using CBD oil. The supplement works in much the same way as it does in humans, helping the ECS to restore balance and order inside the body when the ECS is unable to do this on its own.

CBD oil for dogsThe American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation has joined forces with Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences to begin a formal study evaluating the effects of CBD in dogs with treatment-resistant epilepsy. While this study may be the first of its kind to gain scientific data around the use of CBD oil for dogs, there is a substantial amount of anecdotal reports from dog owners as to its benefit. Dog owners report success using CBD oil to help control seizures, soothe neuropathic pain, and reduce anxiety.

Here are a few of the times when CBD for dogs can be useful:

  • While traveling
  • When there’s noise-induced anxiety (fireworks, outdoor concert, etc.)
  • When there’s a change in routine (family visiting, renovations, etc.)
  • Just before a trip to the vet
  • For older dogs with stiff joints or arthritis
  • After a long run to soothe aching muscles

How to Administer CBD Oil for Dogs

While there are many CBD dog treats on the market, the best way to treat your pet is with pure organic CBD oil. It is absorbed more quickly this way, and you can definitively monitor and control the dosing, which allows you to scale up or back as needed. You can give the desired number of drops by opening your dog’s mouth, and dispensing the oil as close to the back of the mouth as possible. Alternatively, you can mix it into a spoonful of peanut butter or mix it into wet dog food.

Because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration hasn’t issued a dosing chart for CBD oil, you won’t find instructions on the package label just yet. To determine how much pure CBD oil to give your dog, ask your veterinarian. There are several factors to consider, including:

  • The age of your dog.
  • The physical size (weight) of your dog.
  • The reason for treatment. For example, acute pain may require more than daily supplementation for anxiety.
  • Also, the amount will vary if you are giving your dog a premade CBD treat (which contains very little CBD) vs. pure CBD oil from NuLeaf Naturals.

A general rule of thumb for a “medium sized dose” would be to give 0.2mg per pound for your dog’s weight. Because CBD oil is non-intoxicating, a dose that is too high is likely to only make your pop drowsy or highly subdued. Dr. Gary Richter (owner and medical director of Montclair Veterinary Hospital in Oakland, California) states life-threatening risks for dogs from CBD are “exceedingly rare.”  It is generally recommended to start with a small dose and then observe your pet to see the effect before administering additional amounts.

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