Why is CBD Oil So Expensive?

More and more people are discovering CBD (Cannabidiol) oil, an extract from the hemp plant. But you may find yourself wondering why CBD oil is so expensive.

Why is CBD Oil So Expensive If It’s Everywhere Right Now?

Why CBD Oil?

CBD is currently being researched by scientists and medical professionals. CBD is a legal at the federal level and convenient alternative to medical marijuana, as CBD is non-intoxicating.

CBD was federally legalized in December of 2018 with the passing of the U.S. Farm Bill. Be sure to check your state and local laws for the most current regulations that pertain to your specific area.

CBD oil is convenient, easy to take, non-habit forming, and non-intoxicating. CBD pricing can be confusing at best, and cheaper pricing does not always equate to stellar results.

How is CBD Made?

The oil is extracted from raw hemp plants and, there are essentially three different ways to create CBD oil:

  • CO2 (carbon dioxide) extraction
  • Ethanol alcohol
  • Infusion, such as cannabis-infused olive oil (typically a DIY home method)

Most CBD oil manufacturers are either using CO2 extraction or ethanol alcohol methods. Ethanol extraction is less expensive than CO2 extraction, and the process is much quicker. However, the trouble with ethanol extraction is that it destroys many of the properties of the natural plant, resulting in an inferior finished product. CO2 extraction is considered to be the gold standard in the industry, and yet, we can break this down even further:

  • Supercritical CO2 extraction
  • Subcritical CO2 extraction
  • Combination of both methods

In keeping with its commitment for delivering the highest quality CBD oil, NuLeaf Naturals uses a combination of supercritical and subcritical CO2 extraction methods. Click here for more information about how CBD oil is made.

The process of CO2 extraction is expensive, and while a combination of supercritical and subcritical CO2 extraction provides the most benefit in the finished product, it is a time-consuming and expensive process that requires precise, highly specialized equipment, expertise, and rigorous testing to ensure quality control and purity.

How Much Does CBD Cost?

Furthermore, the pricing of CBD oil can be quite confusing for the consumer. Here are some factors to consider when pricing out CBD oil:

  • How much CBD is actually in the CBD oil? Third-party lab testing can verify CBD levels, as well as THC levels, to ensure the CBD oil is considered legal within the federal guidelines specifying <0.3% THC.
  • Has the oil been tested to ensure it’s free of contaminants and toxins? Some manufacturers mistakenly use words like “pure” or “organic” when their oil is anything but.
  • The size of the bottle or container. Consider how long a bottle of CBD will last you.
  • The reputation of the manufacturer. Federal legalization of industrial hemp resulted in a flood of sketchy fly-by-night oil distributors, some of whom are attempting to gain market share by simply producing lower quality products and then undercutting the pricing of reputable oil makers.
  • The extraction method. CO2 extracted CBD oil costs more than oil extracted with ethanol, but CO2 extracted oil also contains more beneficial terpenes and natural essential oils than those extracted using ethanol.
  • Is the oil full spectrum or isolate? Click here to learn which is better, which costs more, and why.

Where to Buy Quality CBD Oil

When considering the cost of CBD oil, you will most often get what you pay for, so be sure you’re comparing apples to apples to shop value rather than simply choosing based on price alone. How much money have you already spent on other methods or products that did not work? CNBC.com reports that more than half a million Americans spend around $50,000 annually on medicine. It is estimated that more than 2.9 billion retail trips are made each year to purchase over the counter products.

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