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how to find the best quality cbd oil

How to Find the Best Quality CBD Oil

Now more than ever, CBD products are everywhere. Despite that, since the FDA hasn’t approved any CBD oil, the market is still very unregulated, leaving it open to low-quality and sometimes potentially hazardous CBD products. That’s why we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to find …

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pectin vs gelatin

Pectin vs. Gelatin

When it comes to the world of gummies, two terms often pop up: pectin and gelatin. These two substances are the backbone and a common ingredient in many of our favorite treats and candies, from the classic gummy bear to the increasingly popular CBD gummies. But what are they, …

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does cbd make you tired

Does CBD Make You Tired?

With the increasing popularity of CBD, or cannabidiol, you can now find a plethora of CBD products online. CBD is fast becoming the go-to supplement for general health and wellness*. However, some beginners to CBD products might wonder if CBD will make you tired. The short answer is no; …

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is cbd legal in all states

Is CBD Legal in All States?

CBD, and cannabis legality in general, has rapidly evolved across the U.S. in the last few years. As restrictions on hemp and cannabis continue to ease in light of new legislation, one can only expect the popularity of CBD and THC products to increase even more. However, CBD legality …

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can cbd get you high

Does CBD Get You High?

Some people, especially those new to cannabinoids, confuse the most popular two: CBD and THC. It’s no wonder, as they both come from cannabis plants, and cannabis in general is often considered psychoactive, especially by less experienced consumers. In addition, the terms surrounding both compounds, like “vape,” “oils,” and …

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can you overdose on cbd

Can You Overdose on CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is not known to cause any lethal overdose, and people can tolerate high doses without issue. On the other hand, taking too much of it may cause side effects. So how much should you take? Is there any way that CBD can interact with pharmaceutical drugs? …

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what is cbd isolate

What is CBD Isolate?

Everyone’s heard of CBD by now. Short for cannabidiol, CBD has been making huge waves in the health and wellness industry for its potential health benefits like helping manage day-to-day stress and promoting relaxation*. As the popularity of CBD skyrockets, so does the range of CBD products available to …

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cbd oil being given to german shepherd dog

Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

By now, many pet owners have heard of CBD and its potential health benefits and how it may help with many issues common to our canine companions. Our four-legged best friends deserve the best – and if we take CBD, we want our dogs to be able to enjoy …

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synthetic delta-9 thc in laboratory

Is Delta-9 THC Synthetic?

If you’re familiar with the hemp supplement industry, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about delta-9 THC. Products like delta-9 gummies, oils, and capsules have been flying off the shelves in the past few years as hemp-derived THC becomes more popular in the CBD space. While consumer interest in …

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