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CBD for Pets: CBD Benefits for Dogs, Cats, Horses, and More

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The therapeutic promise of cannabidiol (CBD) is so great that its popularity has spread to the animal kingdom. And while using CBD for pets may seem like a novel idea to some, the CBD pet market has been rapidly gaining traction for the past few years. One report even estimates that the global CBD pet market will reach a whopping $4.79 billion by 2028.

Interested in giving your pet CBD oil? This cannabinoid wellness product has been administered to dogs, cats, horses, and more. Keep reading to learn more about CBD benefits for pets and the latest research in this area.


First Things First: What Is CBD?

CBD is a type of cannabinoid. Cannabinoids are fat-based molecules found in hemp plants that can interact with our endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates a whole host of functions throughout the body including metabolism, mood, and memory.

cbd-family-on-wood-stumpWe currently know there are over 100 different types of cannabinoids! When cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid a number of therapeutic benefits can result. Because most animals have an ECS, they can benefit from CBD.

In recent years interest has increased regarding the use of cannabidiol (CBD) in animals for health issues such as anxiety, seizures, cancer, and pain. Indeed, many NuLeaf Naturals customers who have used our CBD oil for pets have reported their furry friends have experienced the following CBD benefits for pets:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Reduced signs of aging (improved mobility and comfort)



What’s the difference between pet CBD and human CBD?

Among reputable manufacturers, there should be no difference between pet CBD oil and human CBD oil except dosage. For instance, we apply the same rigorous quality standards to both our pet CBD oil as we do to the products we develop for humans. But while dosing recommendations start for humans at 30mg per day, we suggest a starting dose of 6mg per 25 pounds per day for our pet CBD oil.

Is CBD Healthy For Pets?

Since CBD has been shown to exert great promise in a number of areas — most notably with regard to its anti-inflammatory properties — it makes sense to wonder if it can be safely administered to pets.

Dr. John Buchweitz, section chief of Toxicology and Nutrition at the Michigan State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, says recent research on the safety and efficacy of CBD in pets has “shown some potential.” He recommends however more research on both short-term and long-term use of CBD and other cannabinoids for conditions such as cancer, pain, arthritis, glaucoma, and immune diseases.


CBD for dogs

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Current CBD research for dogs tends to focus on the dosing and safety of CBD. One study published in 2020 examined CBD’s effects on fear responses in dogs. While the results were inconclusive regarding the anti-anxiety effects of CBD, researchers reported that oral administration of CBD was well tolerated by canines, with no adverse gastrointestinal or constitutional effects.

The first study to demonstrate CBD’s benefits in canines was just published in September 2021. The researchers concluded there were anti-inflammatory and immuno-modulating properties in CBD when administered to dogs and encouraged further research on the subject.

NuLeaf customer Tammi F. tried our pet CBD oil for her anxious pitbull when he developed severe separation anxiety after her family moved. “When he left he would bark the entire time I was gone,” she said. Luckily her new neighbors were not only understanding, but they also had a recommendation to help her — CBD oil. “Nothing else worked so I took a chance, and I’m glad I did,” Tammi told us. “A dose in the morning and another right before I leave, and my nervous wreck becomes so calm and mellow, it’s unbelievable.”


CBD for cats

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While a 2019 safety study found that CBD-based products appeared to be generally safe to administer to dogs and cats, researchers noted that cats appear to absorb and eliminate CBD differently compared to dogs, necessitating further research.

Since then, a 2021 study published in The Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery sought to determine the safety of escalating cannabinoid doses on healthy cats. Researchers concluded CBD was “generally well tolerated by healthy cats” with only mild adverse side effects.

Debra O. used our pet CBD oil to help her cat find relief for her arthritis and hip pain. She found that her limp is much less noticeable after giving her one drop twice a day. Phyllis H. initially picked up our pet CBD to deter seizures in her cat Moki and, like Debra, administered two drops a day. She told us, “Since she’s been on it, she hasn’t had another seizure.” These are just two of many happy reports from our pet CBD customers.


CBD for horses

Researchers at Tarleton State University’s Equine Center are currently looking to examine how CBD affects inflammation, stress, and negative behaviors in horses. This research is being overseen by Dr. Kimberly Guay, who specializes in evaluating stress physiology and behavior in domestic and wild-captive animals.

The 2021 paper on The Effects of Feeding Cannabidiol Oil on Behavior of Stalled Horses found that aggressive behaviors such as pawing and cribbing occurred with less frequency in horses given oral CBD. This led researchers to conclude oral administration of CBD “may mediate negative behaviors in stalled horses,” thereby increasing their overall health and welfare.

​​In an Equine Wellness Magazine case study, Liz G., a veterinarian based in Arkansas administered CBD twice before horseback riding and within just one or two minutes noticed a change in her horse’s demeanor. “She’s more relaxed and not as reactive,” she reported. “She’s thinking about what I’m asking and doesn’t get so nervous about everything.”

Six weeks later, after consistently using 30mg of CBD before training, Liz concluded, “The CBD has made a world of difference in her training. We have made huge improvements since I started using it.”

How to Find Safe CBD for Pets

As the cannabinoid wellness industry is currently unregulated by the FDA, it’s of utmost importance that owners ensure the products they purchase are tested by an independent party. Otherwise, they may accidentally administer products containing additives or chemicals that can be toxic to animals.

Third-party lab testing results are available through trusted manufacturers as Certificates of Analyses (COAs). These certificates verify that a product contains the optimal amount of cannabinoids and is free of unwanted and harmful ingredients like pesticides, herbicides, mold, fungi, heavy metals, and mycotoxins.

The NuLeaf Promise

dog being given pet cbd oil as a stocking stufferLooking to reap the benefits of CBD for your furry friend? Our full spectrum CBD hemp oil for pets is versatile enough to be administered to dogs, cats, horses, and other animals. Each drop contains 3mg of CBD and can easily be added directly to your pet’s favorite food or treat.

Since 2014 NuLeaf Naturals has been committed to creating the world’s highest quality cannabinoid products in their purest and most potent forms. Our full spectrum cannabinoid extracts are additive-free, with organic hemp as the sole ingredient. We only source cannabinoids extracted using safe and eco-friendly methods, and we use independent labs to confirm all our products are free of pesticides, herbicides, mold, fungi, heavy metals, and mycotoxins and contain the optimal amount of cannabinoids and terpenes.


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