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CBD in Utah

CBD in Utah

Utah is way out west, but unless you’re literally in the desert – you’ve heard of CBD oil. CBD oil is sweeping the nation, but many Utah residents still have questions about its legality and use. Let’s figure out what you need to know about CBD oil in Utah.

Is CBD in Utah Legal?

In December 2018, Utah lawmakers passed the Utah Medical Cannabis Act, which permitted medical marijuana cards to Utah residents meeting certain conditions. Utah residents with medical marijuana cards can own and use any form of CBD oil no matter what it’s derived from.

CBD oil Utah

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil has faced a lot of legislation to become so popular, but many Utah residents still don’t know what CBD oil is.

CBD oil is a mixture of non-toxic carrier oil and the cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD). Cannabinoids are believed to work by binding to our body’s natural endocannabinoid receptors, causing the release of our own cannabinoids.

Signs of High-Quality CBD Oil

  • Full Spectrum: Full spectrum CBD oil is much more effective than CBD isolate thanks to the entourage effect.
  • Batch Number: High-quality CBD producers mark their batches for close monitoring and quality control.
  • Dark Bottles: Dark bottles keep UV from damaging volatile CBD. Clear bottles? Don’t even bother. There’s no CBD left in there.
  • Date of Origin: Only purchase the freshest CBD you can find.
  • Lab-Tested: Be certain THC, CBD, and other ingredient amounts are third-party verified, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Utah

NuLeaf Naturals produces tightly monitored full spectrum CBD oil available for all Utah residents.

If you have more questions about CBD oil or NuLeaf Naturals products, call a CBD expert at 720-372-4842 or for direct help get connected with one of our many Utah partners. NuLeaf Naturals only partners with reputable outlets to get you expert help wherever you are in Utah.

If you’re ready to order high-quality CBD oil, now navigate to our products page for more information on our full spectrum CBD products.

CBD oil is federally legally so long as it contains less than 0.3% THC, as mandated by the 2018 Farm Bill. It may not be legal at a state, county, or local level. Check your local laws and regulations before buying CBD oil.

This guide may not be up to date on the current legislation at the state or local level. We recommend you do your research to understand the legalities surrounding CBD oil where you live.