What is the Best CBD Oil?

Lately, it seems wherever you go – from the grocery to the pet groomer to the gas station – CBD is available for sale. But you may be surprised to learn that not all CBD oils are created equally, and you can experience quite a difference from brand to brand and even from product to product. CBD was federally legalized in December 2018, with the passing of the U.S. Farm Bill, though a few states have elected to instill stricter regulations. This legalization is part of the reason why CBD is now so readily available.

Add to this the lack of regulation with regards to packaging, marketing, growth, and manufacturing of CBD and it’s easy to see why there are so many kinds and brands now available. But with so many fly-by-night companies popping up to make a quick buck on this rising trend in wellness, how can you know if what you’re buying is worth anything? How do you know what the best CBD oil is? Here’s a quick guide to finding the very best CBD oil.

What is the Best CBD Oil Out There?

Hemp vs. CBD

There’s a substantial difference in the availability and benefits of CBD oil vs. hemp oil. You want to ensure you’re purchasing actual CBD oil and not mere hemp oil. This article explains the difference and where you can find each one.

Isolate vs. Full Spectrum

Most people agree that full spectrum CBD oil is superior to isolate. Here’s a detailed article that explains the differences between isolate and full spectrum so you can decide for yourself which is better for your health.

Powder vs. Oil

CBD isolate is usually available in powder form or sometimes the powder is blended into a carrier oil such as hemp oil or coconut oil. Full spectrum oil blends easily into beverages and more.

Pure vs. Potentially Contaminated

When doing your due diligence in selecting a CBD manufacturer, check out their website to see if they conduct any third-party lab testing. This is not required in most states, but without this type of rigorous testing, how can you be sure the product is free from contaminants, mold, and other potential irritants? Reputable companies will post their current lab test results in an easy to find location (such as a QR code on the bottle, or an easy to find the link on their website). Here is a quick link to the latest lab results for NuLeaf Naturals.

Extraction Methods

It is important to compare value over price. Some companies such use cutting edge extraction methods (with the intention of creating a superior product by preserving more of the natural terpenes, oils, and other beneficial parts of the hemp plant) which naturally cost more to produce, and make take additional time to create the product. You want to maximize the value you’re receiving, not just choose the cheapest CBD oil you can find. Additionally, it’s always best to try to buy from companies who are making the extra effort to use sustainable, earth-friendly production methods.

Other Considerations

If you like to be thorough when vetting a company that’s providing products designed to positively impact your health, we recommend some additional resources. Here are six tips to avoid fake and poor quality CBD oils. Additionally, you can become an educated buy by reading this article about five things you should know before buying CBD oil. Once you’re ready to purchase, check out all the reasons why NuLeaf Naturals is one of the leading CBD oil companies and was recently featured in the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing U.S. companies.