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CBD Peanut Butter Banana Cacao Smoothie Recipe

CBD Peanut Butter Banana Cacao Smoothie Recipe

Whether you’re trying to cut back on your caffeine intake or just need a nice mid-day treat, this cleanly energizing, heart opener could be an addition to your routine you need.

Cacao is an ancient bean more recognizable in its processed form of chocolate variations. But, just like NuLeaf Naturals oil, the less processing, the better! Cacao is one of the most nutritious consumables for the human body next to hemp seed oil. With this recipe, you get both!

Peanut Butter Banana Cacao Smoothie RecipeCacao contains more calcium than cows milk per serving and is also packed with iron and magnesium as well as a variety of polyphenols, which are naturally occurring antioxidants.

When choosing your cacao to be sure to find a source where the beans were processed properly as heat can cause a major reduction in the beneficial properties (up to 60%).

Ashwagandha is another lesser-used herb in Western culture. In Ayurvedic practice, it has been used for over 3,000 years. It is adaptogenic which means it helps the body to manage the various stresses that are put on it from physical, environmental and emotional sources. Ashwagandha is Sanskrit for “smell of the horse,” which refers to both its unique smell and ability to increase strength. Fortunately in this recipe, we find that the flavor actually complements the sweetness of the other ingredients.

Ingredients combined, this is high in healthy fats and fiber as well as iron and magnesium, with minimal added sugar. This smoothie can be a powerhouse for helping you through your day with a comfortable body and a positive mindset.

Serves 1

CBD Peanut Butter Banana Cacao Smoothie Recipe


  • 1 ripe banana
  • 8 oz cashew milk
  • 2 T fresh ground PB
  • 2 heaping T cacao powder
  • 1 heaping T hemp protein
  • 1 heaping T ashwagandha powder
  • 4 dashes cinnamon
  • A drizzle maple syrup, to taste
  • 10 drops NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil (12.5mg CBD / 1/2mL)


  • Spoon (measuring spoon or dinner spoon is fine)
  • Blender


Blend, blend, blend to your liking.