Author: Rachael Garneau

Rachael Garneau has been a news director, nightly news anchor, morning show DJ, photojournalist, and many other titles. Her military career took her to many parts of America and across the globe- notably, Afghanistan, Iraq, South Korea, and Japan. She and her husband share their home in the Denver metro area with their offspring and an ever-increasing collection of books.

Throughout her career, writing has been the focus of Rachael’s work. She produced hundreds of TV news stories for the American Forces Network, countless stories as a journalist for the base newspapers, and marketing copy for various companies.

To hone her writing skills, Rachael makes it a priority to play Words With Friends at least an hour or two a day, much to her family’s delight. She enjoys the sunshine, Bravo TV, being a freelance mom, reading, and memes… not necessarily in that order.