U.S. Navy approves topical use of CBD oil

U.S. Navy Approves Topical Use of CBD Oil

The U.S. Navy recently issued a new statement which now allows the use of topical CBD products. CBD is short for Cannabidiol, a compound of the cannabis plant. Just before Christmas 2018, President Trump signed the U.S. Farm Bill, which included specific language clarifying a distinction between “industrial hemp” …

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US Congress considers CBD research

United States Congress Considers CBD Research Expansion

There’s good news coming from the United States government regarding expanded scientific research on CBD. The Cannabidiol and Marijuana Research Expansion Act (S. 2032), a bill to encourage scientific and medical research on marijuana and its compounds including cannabidiol, or CBD, has been introduced by a bipartisan group of …

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Changes to LEOs using CBD oil are coming

CBD Use in Law Enforcement: Changes Are Coming

Government jobs like law enforcement or military include routine drug testing and have zero tolerance for substance abuse. It’s understandable. The nation needs its men and women standing on the front line with a clear head. Recently, with the increase in America’s use of CBD, some law enforcement agencies …

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