What Is Pure CBD?

Revised April 2022 It’s no secret that cannabis supplementation is currently booming as an industry. But the sudden flood of new manufacturers into the marketplace means more than just more choices for consumers, it means buyer beware. By now you may have seen CBD companies promoting their “pure” CBD …

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FAQ: Hemp Extract vs. CBD Oil

Hemp Extract vs. CBD Oil: Frequently Asked Questions Which is better, hemp extract or CBD oil? CBD oil contains many beneficial cannabinoids, which are lacking in hemp extract. Don’t CBD oil and hemp extract come from the same plant? Yes. Both are derived from the cannabis plant but from …

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Is CBD oil legal in Canada

Is CBD Oil Legal in Canada?

Last year, Canada made history when it became the 2nd country in the world to legalize recreational cannabis by passing the Cannabis Act on June 19. The bill, officially dubbed C-45, went into effect on October 17, 2018. Although the exact provisions vary depending on province and territory, in …

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How to Become a CBD Affiliate

Revised June 2022 Are you taking CBD and loving it? If so, why not become a CBD affiliate? After all, the CBD industry is booming right now, and experts say this is just the beginning — a new forecast predicts the CBD market will hit $19.5 billion by 2025 …

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What Does CBD Oil Do and Taste Like?

Are you using CBD, or have you procrastinated over trying it because you weren’t certain whether you’d like the way it tastes? If so, read on for an honest description of what CBD tastes like and how you can best harness its healing aspects. What is CBD, Anyway? CBD …

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