CBD oil for football

CBD Oil & Football – Can CBD Oil Help?

Temperatures are slowly starting to drop across the U.S., and that means football season is nearly upon us. America’s most-watched and most played sport is also widely played recreationally across the nation. Whether you enjoy a pickup game of touch football, play in a flag football league with friends, …

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Is CBD oil in Texas legal for people to buy?

CBD Oil Texas: Is CBD Oil Legal in Texas?

All across the country, the legality of cannabis – especially hemp-derived cannabis products like CBD – is in a state of flux. While states that have legalized marijuana at the state level offer some peace of mind for CBD manufacturers, others are more cautionary as the line between marijuana …

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Does CBD show up on drug tests you might take?

Does CBD Show Up on Drug Tests?

Cannabis is currently experiencing what some may call a “Golden Age”, whereupon cannabis-derived products are becoming increasingly popular and publicized. While this may be good news to consumers and producers of such products, it also raises several concerns, many of which revolve around the legality of the plant, which …

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What is CO2 Extraction?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction is not a new process, and you likely know more about CO2 than you realize. Have you ever opened a soda can or a bottle of ginger beer? The “whoosh” sound that occurs with that first opening is pressure escaping, thanks to the CO2 carbonation. …

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CBD facts you should know

CBD Facts: 10 Facts About CBD Oil to Know

As the market for CBD products and public interest overall continues to grow, more and more consumers are seeking out reliable information regarding CBD itself. To help set the record straight, here are ten important CBD facts that you should know. CBD Facts You Need to Know CBD Was …

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History of hemp in the United States of America

Hemp: Past and Future

Hemp has a long and winding history in the U.S. that has morphed from laws requiring people to grow the plant to banning it altogether to being legal again as of late last year. Your Brief History of Hemp in the United States Every new settler in Jamestown, Virginia, …

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Tips to Avoid Fake and Poor Quality CBD Oil

If any single factor could derail the CBD industry and consumer opinions of full spectrum CBD oil products, it’s the flood of fake and poor quality CBD products hitting the market in recent years. Because the CBD industry is still in relatively early stages, state and federal regulations haven’t …

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What are terpenes, what to know

What Are Terpenes?

If you’ve ever hiked through a dense forest of pine, you’ve probably noticed the aroma given off by the surrounding trees. If you were to pull a branch closer and smell the needles directly, or perhaps find yourself face to face with sap seeping out onto the bark, you …

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